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Associate Professor Hans Meij is a senior healthcare expert with almost four decades of experience. Het worked in all fields of healthcare and is an expertt in developing strategy=ic protfolio’s for hospitals and other providers.

He just finished his three year term a the first Executive Director of the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health, (the research and translation network of the University of Melbourne and its research partners and teaching hospitals). He is a medical Anthropologist by training (1992 Fee University, Amsterdam, NL) and obtained his MBA in hospital management in 1996 and his PhD in Medical research in 2008 (Leiden University, NL), where he was appointed Associate Professor of Ageing in 2009. From 2010 – 2015 he was member of the Executive Board of Amphia Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in The Netherlands. He is an impassioned advocate for EMR’s and the use of the present digital opportunities to improve both patient’s health care and medical research.

After graduation in Medicine at the Medical University Lübeck (Germany) in 2003, Andrea Maier registered as specialist Internal Medicine-Geriatrician at the Leiden University Medical Centre (the Netherlands) in 2009. Contemporaneously she worked on translational research on ageing, defending her thesis on gerontopsychiatric-medical units in 2003 and on cellular senescence in 2008. Her research is driven by her passion to unravel ageing mechanisms and the interaction of ageing and age-related syndromes and diseases, which eventually leads to counteracting interventions. Her research group particularly focuses on sarcopenia and cellular senescence and its influence on age related diseases. She conducts several observational and intervention studies. In 2012 she was appointed as Head of the Section Gerontology and Geriatrics at the VU University Medical Centre and the Amsterdam Centre on Aging, Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and in March 2013 as full Professor of Medicine, particularly Gerontology. In February 2016 she was appointed as Professor of Ageing at the VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since February 2016 she has worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as Divisional Director of Medicine and Community Care and as Professorial Fellow of Aged Care at the University of Melbourne, Australia.